Rebroadcast: Sucheta Pyakurel on Power and Parity: Charting Nepal's Gender Policy Journey
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Rebroadcast: Sucheta Pyakurel on Power and Parity: Charting Nepal's Gender Policy Journey


Despite once being gripped by patriarchy, Nepali society has come a long way in terms of gender equality and equity, and gender policy efforts have played an undeniable role in reshaping the reality of women in Nepal. Today, women’s representation and participation is incentivized in different development sectors, including education, health, workforce, and politics. However, the strides of progress are still enervated by inefficient implementation, which poses questions about the vitality of gender policies.

In this episode, guest host Yuki Poudyal sits with Sucheta Pyakurel to explore Nepal’s policy landscape with Gendered Lenses. They begin by elucidating the case for gender equality and its vital connection to responsive policies and budgeting in patriarchal societies like Nepal. Tracing Nepal's history of gender policies, Sucheta shares pivotal reforms that have significantly narrowed the gender gap while also critically examining the formal and informal hindrances. The two discuss crucial gender policy events and debates to extract observations on the efficiency of such policies and recommend changes.

Originally aired on 12 December 2023, we have guest host Yuki Poudel’s conversation with Sucheta Pyakurel on Power and Parity: Charting Nepal’s Gender Policy Journey.

Sucheta Pyakuryal is the Director of the Center for Governance at the Institute of Integrated Development Studies (IIDS). She teaches Gender in Politics/Policymaking for the Masters and PhD programs at Tribhuvan University and is a visiting faculty of Kathmandu University’s Masters in Public Policy and Management program. An alumna of the Regional Center for Strategic Studies of South Asia, her work focuses on the study of democratic development and good governance in the region.

Yuki is currently the co-founder of the Nepal Institute of Study Abroad and has experience working across a myriad of sectors, from non-profits to innovative start-ups as a consultant, strategist, and leader. She completed her Masters in Development Practices and International Business from Tufts University.

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