Bishal Thapa on the Potential and Pitfalls of Energy Trade for Nepal
PODS by PEISeptember 12, 2023x

Bishal Thapa on the Potential and Pitfalls of Energy Trade for Nepal


Nepal has made significant strides in overcoming its past energy shortages and frequent power outages. As new hydropower projects become operational and energy supply starts to outpace demand, there is growing optimism for electricity trade opportunities within Nepal's energy community.

In this insightful episode, energy experts Satish and Bishal delve into the potential and challenges of electricity trade between Nepal and its neighboring countries. They discuss both the pros and cons, highlighting opportunities and risks while also examining the impact on Nepal's energy security, economic growth, and geopolitical standing.

About the Experts:

Bishal Thapa

With over two decades of international experience, Bishal has collaborated with a diverse range of public and private sector entities in the fields of energy, climate change, energy efficiency, environmental policy, and sustainability. Trained as an economist, his areas of expertise encompass financial analysis, quantitative modeling, policy evaluation, research, and project planning.

Satish Joshi

Satish has dedicated more than ten years to advancing Nepal’s electricity sector, focusing on issues from institutional reforms to electricity trade initiatives. As a founding partner at VRock & Company, he supervises the firm's projects in the energy arena. Prior to VRock, he served as the Principal Manager at the Investment Board of Nepal, spearheading negotiations for major hydropower projects like Upper Karnali and Arun-III. Satish has also been a previous guest on PODS.

Keywords: Energy Trade in Nepal, Hydropower Projects, Electricity Supply, Energy Security, Economic Growth, Geopolitical Implications, Public and Private Sector Partnerships, Financial Analysis, Policy Research.


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